I  help coaches and therapists to implement Automated booking systems and remote works

so they can focus on their business and help more people

And avoid frustration and getting stuck with computers

Hello, my name is Patrik Jonas. I am expert on interactive Masterclasses recording and coach business automations.

I am also translator and Licensed Advanced Hypnotic Practitioner and Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I have been collaborating with Laura Spicer for several years on different projects.

I am co-founder and owner of the NLP Playground website

why work with ME?

20+ Years of pro computer


NLP world insight


I can stream your video protected by a password. I do edit video footage for NLPers and, I am helping with the shooting setup. I have been using DaVinci Resolve to edit footage.


I have been recording and editing audio for ages. I can improve your recordings by using compression, de-essers, noise reduction and tons of other systems. I am working with Steinberg Wavelab.

Website & Apps

I can help you with build online courses,  a WordPress website and automation of e-mail marketing and on-site payment processing and paid Membership sections. I can help you to create and publish Online Courses

about ME

I  understand your needs.

 I am

 a licensed Master practitioner of NLP

as well

I have been attending many seminars at London since 2015. I have attended to Licensed Practitioner of NLP, Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP with Dr. Richard Bandler,  John La Valle and Kathleen La Valle. I have attended The Secrets of Hypnosis and several times also Get The Life You Want with Dr. Bandler and Paul McKenna

I had been collaborating with Laura Spicer and Number One NLP Cyber Space Practice Group for more than two years.

I have done recording and editing  Masterclasses with Dr. Richard Bandler, Johna La Valle, Kathleen La Valle,  Paul McKenna, Owen Fitzpatrick, John LaValle, Laura Spicer, Tina Taylor, Phil Parker and others.

I’d love to hear about

what could I help you with.